April 16, 2018 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

2016 Speakers

Natalia Vassilieva
Sr Research Manager
Hewlett Packard Labs

Natalia Vassilieva is a Sr. Research Manager at Hewlett Packard Labs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Her focus is machine learning and artificial intelligence, analytics, and application-driven software-hardware optimization and co-design. At HPE she currently leads research teams developing algorithms and applications for the era of Memory Driven Computing – a new concept of computer architecture by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Natalia joined HPE at 2007 and served as the head of HP Labs Russia in 2011-2015. Prior to joining HPE, she was an Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University and worked as a software engineer for different IT companies. Natalia holds PhD in computer science from St. Petersburg State University.

Dave Weber
Global Financial Services Director

Dave Weber is the director of Lenovo's global financial services initiatives, and created the Wall Street Center of Excellence while at IBM. Dave is focused on server-based low latency and analytics technologies, and works with financial markets clients to provide solutions, with partners to build an ecosystem, and with development to influence future products. Dave also leads the Lenovo relationship with STAC®, the Securities Technology Analysis Center, which works with clients and vendors to create industry standard benchmarks for high-performance capital markets technologies.

Terry Keene
Integration Systems

Terry Keene, CEO of iSys, has been working globally with capital market participants, exchanges, hedge funds, broker-dealers, and ATSs. iSys provides innovative solutions for the financial markets in the areas of low-latency, high frequency trading technologies, market data and regulatory compliance. The trading press has sought Terry’s insights into market technology for several years. He has published several articles, and been quoted on many of the industry controversies - like the flash crash of 2010 and the Facebook IPO.

Lacee McGee
Sr Prod Mgr
FSI Vertical Solutions, HPE

Lacee McGee is the Sr. Product Manager for FSI Vertical Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She is responsible for driving HPC and big data industry solutions, answering customer’s key challenges. While at HPE, she has driven both HW platforms and SW ecosystem solutions from idealization to product launch. Her experience has landed her roles working in scalable solution technologies such as object storage, database analytics, and parallel file systems.

Lacee holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a MBA with a focus in finance. Prior to joining HPE, Lacee has held several marketing and sales roles in both major American banks as well as International Investment Companies.

To learn more about Lacee’s views on big data, HPC, and cutting edge technology follow her on twitter at @lacee_mcgee.

Phil Filleul
Segment Dir, Fin Svcs
Cray Inc.

Harvey Stein
Head of Credit Risk Modeling

Harvey Stein is Head of Credit Risk Modeling at Bloomberg, responsible for Basel compliant regulatory risk models, default modeling, and specific risk and incremental risk charge calculations. Dr. Stein graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics. After working at Bolt, Beranek and Newman for three years on developing and designing the precursor to the Internet, Dr. Stein went to graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied arithmetical geometry while working at Wells Fargo Investment Advisors. He received his PhD in mathematics from Berkeley in 1991. Dr. Stein has worked at Bloomberg for the last nineteen years, building one of the top quantitative finance research and development groups in the industry, supplying derivative valuation models for interest rate derivatives, mortgage backed securities, foreign exchange, credit, equities, and commodities, and built Linux clusters to supply these valuations to Bloomberg's customers. Dr. Stein is well known in the industry, having published on mortgage backed security valuation, CVA calculations, interest rate modeling, equity derivative models, and other subjects. Dr. Stein built Bloomberg's business in the area of counterparty credit risk modeling and is currently focusing on default modeling and Basel risk models.

Dino Vitale
TD Securities

Dave Coutts
Distinguished Engineer, IBM

Dave Coutts is an IBM Distinguished Engineer working in OpenPOWER Technical Computing. Current responsibilities include solution offerings and assets demonstrating the value of OpenPOWER IT infrastructure for line of business competitive advantage. Dave has ten years of experience as a Systems and Technology Group CTO for industry solutions and twenty-six years of experience in IBM server systems development, product development transformation, and technical strategy. Dave is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology and holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University.

Terry Roche
Head of FinTech Research
TABB Group

Terry Roche is responsible for the FinTech practice at TABB Group. Prior to his current role Terry was Chief Operating Officer at NYSE Technologies. Before joining NYSE Technologies Terry held a number of executive positions at Thomson Reuters and Reuters, including, Managing Director, Global Head of Elektron Real Time and Platform, along with Global Head of Strategic Business for Focus Group Accounts.

Terry also held a number of senior positions at HSBC that included, Global Head of Market Data, Head of Global Middleware, and Commercial Director, Fixed Income e-Commerce. Terry is an industry veteran with 30 years’ experience. His career started at Telerate and included time at Salomon Brothers, Republic National Bank of New York, where he was head of trading infrastructure and data, and WhiteTree Solutions, an advisory firm founded by Terry.

Asif Alam
Global Bus Dir
Thomson Reuters

Asif Alam is the Global Business Director, Technology Sector at Thomson Reuters where he leads and drive strategic & commercial engagement with our technology partners across the portfolio of Thomson Reuters assets: Legal, Financial & Risk, IP&S, Tax & Accounting and News.

Previously Asif Alam was the Head of Enterprise Capabilities, Market Development at Thomson Reuters. In this role, Asif led the business development and business management of the firm’s Enterprise product line in Americas.

Asif began his career with Thomson Reuters in 2001, and served in several roles including Global Head of Machine Readable News, overseeing the strategy and financial success of news and social media products. He also worked as a Solutions Business Director, navigating and leading complex and large business development opportunities that required in-depth understanding of the entire Thomson Reuters assets.

Prior to Thomson Reuters Asif worked at Japanese Bank as Head of Systems and Networks, and at AT&T as a Unix Administrator.

Jeffrey Smart
Risk Mgmt
Sun America, div AIG

Anthony G. Vigilante
Managing Dir
Mackay Shields

Anthony is the Managing Director and Head of the Global Information Technology group at MacKay Shields. He graduated from New York University with a BS in Information Systems Management and from Fordham University with a MS in Computer Science. Anthony also holds an Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Fordham University. He regularly speaks at various technology conferences and is significantly involved with the Computer Science program at Fordham University. He joined MacKay Shields in 1999 and has been in the industry since 1994.

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum
Founder & CEO
60East Technologies

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum is CEO and co-founder of 60East Technologies, LLC, the company that is developing ‘AMPS' (Advanced Message Processing System). AMPS is a modern, high performance messaging platform designed for the most demanding environments where latency, throughput and scale are critical. The platform offers topic and content based pub/sub with integrated SQL-92 database and real-time aggregation capabilities.

Previously, Mr. Birnbaum spent 20 years in the Financial Services industry, first at Morgan Stanley and then Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. At Morgan Stanley, where Mr. Birnbaum was employed from 1991 to 2006, he was Managing Director, Chief Technical Architect and Global Head of Enterprise Computing (2000 to 2006). At Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, where Mr. Birnbaum was employed from 2007 to 2012, Mr. Birnbaum was Managing Director, Chief Architect and Global Head of Architecture and Engineering (2007 to 2010). In this capacity he was responsible for the engineering and development of all core infrastructure encompassing Desktop, Server, Network, Storage, Market Data, and Database technologies. Throughout his career, Mr. Birnbaum has dedicated his talents to applying modern and emerging technical solutions to some of the most demanding computational and latency-sensitive areas of the business, particularly in the Electronic Trading arena.

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Birnbaum worked as a systems engineer in the Aerospace Industry and the CIA. He holds a BS in Electrical Computer Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Tom Leyden
VP Marketing

Tom Leyden is Vice President Marketing for the Scality Ring storage platform. Over the past 7 years, Tom has been educating the market about the benefits and opportunities of emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing and Object Storage. During this time he has built strong relations with key influential press and analysts and became a thought leader for Object Storage technologies.

Tom has 15 years’ experience working for disruptive technology companies. He has been involved in several successful startups, including data deduplication pioneer DCT (acquired by Symantec) and cloud innovator Q-layer (Sun/Oracle). The past 4 years, he spent evangelizing the market on object storage at Amplidata and DDN. At Scality, Tom is helping the industry to understand the value of software-defined storage for the software-defined data center and how object storage enables major service providers, enterprises and media giants to unify storage tiers.

Tom likes to share his thoughts on his blog (http://tleyden.sys-con.com/) and tweets (@Tomme) about technology and industry trends.

Andy Bach
Chief Architect, Financial Svcs
Juniper Networks
Mr. Andrew Bach. Andy has been Chief Architect for the Financial Services Team at Juniper Networks, Inc. since June 2012. Prior to joining Juniper, he was SVP, Global Head of Network Services, at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Euronext) where he was responsible for planning thecompany¹s worldwide networks, voice and cellular services, and led the design and deployment of Data Center solutions. Mr. Bach was responsible for planning Juniper's worldwide networks that link all NYSE, Securities Industries Automation Corporation (SIAC), the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), Pacific Stock Exchange, Archipelago, LIFFE and European cash markets, as well as the national markets system networks SIAC operates.

He sat on the board of the Promise Fund at Polytechnic University in New York City, where he also was an adjunct professor for graduate studies in networking. Currently he is also the chair of the Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications (CATT) advisory board at the University. In 2000, he won the prestigious Computerworld Smithsonian Award for his role in the integration of IP multicasting technology in the financial services industry. Mr. Bach also holds multiple patents in communications technologies and received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the Pratt Institute.

Shakti Kapoor
Sr Tech Staff Member, Chief Architect

Mr. Kapoor is Senior Technical Staff Member and Chief Architect. He received a B.S. degree and M.S. degree from Indian Institute of Technology in 1979 and 1981 respectively. He has been with IBM since 1990. Mr. Kapoor has worked on various portions of the AIX* kernel before he moved in 1993 to create and architect post-silicon validation tools for all Power processors and its bringup since its inception. He has received a IBM Corporate Award for POWER8 in 2015 for his deep knowledge of POWER8 systems. He also received three Outstanding Technical Achievement awards in the area of post-silicon validation. He is an IBM Master Inventor with a patent portfolio of more than 40 patents. Shakti is leading the POWER8+/P9 and GPUs connected with NVLink content execution. At the same time he is currently leading the content creation for P9 and future GPUs. He visits Bay area frequently to collaborate with nVdia in the area of P9 and GPUs.

Greg Haskins
London Stock Exchange

Don Clegg
VP Mktg Bus Dev

Tom Bradicich, PhD
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dr. Tom Bradicich is GM and VP at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, leading the global business unit dense scalable servers and IoT Systems, with P&L ownership, product development, and customer experience worldwide. He and his team direct the HPE Discovery Labs in the US, Europe, and Asia, for partner and customer collaborations on his systems and solutions. Tom’s systems received an InfoWorld 2015 Technology of the Year Award, ARM TechCon Best of Show, a CRN 2015 Product of the Year Award, and the furthest on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Modular Servers. Tom and his team were key leaders in incepting HPE’s corporate IoT strategy, launching the HPE EdgelineTM product line which is HPE’s first line of systems expressly designed for Internet of Things solutions.
Prior to his current role, Tom was an HP Vice President, Server Engineering, responsible for global R&D and delivery of HP’s workload optimized, converged server product line. Tom and his staff directed several worldwide engineering teams, releasing over 20 products and integrated solutions stacks. They pioneered the first Intel XeonTM server with on-chip integrated graphics, and the first 64 bit enterprise ARM server.
As industry leaders in workload optimized solutions for converged systems, Tom and his team regularly engage customers such as the federal governments of several countries, major universities, and global industry leaders PayPal, 20th Century Fox, Sify.com, HP.com, Citrix, DreamWorks, Sandia Labs, Citrix, and Formula 1. In addition, Tom serves as a technical advisor to HPE legal on business and IP contracts with third parties.
The beginning of his career was spent at IBM, where he was an IBM Fellow, R&D Vice President, Engineering Director, Distinguished Engineer, and CTO for IBM’s x86 server line. Early on he worked in notebook and PC R&D where he led the design of IBM’s first prototype notebook computer which catalyzed a new product category, and managed the development of the first mainstream x86 system with memory error correction and external cache memory. Tom managed the world wide VGATM graphics and PCTVTM software and hardware product R&D, embedded server virtualization, and the development of IBM’s System Migration Assistant software (SMA). He and his team conceived and led IBM’s xArchitectureTM server strategy, conceived the architecture for the IBM BladeCenterTM and PureFlexTM / PureSystemTM. Leading cross company and industry
teams, Tom led the development of corporate strategies for IBM’s CEO, on Home Networking, Product Usability, Data Center Networking, Entry PowerTM Servers, Blade Servers, and x86 Virtualization.
Tom co-founded and directed the IBM Personal Systems Institute, a management systems for accelerating technology from IBM’s Research Labs to the market place. He received several Management and Technical awards, including the IBM Chairman’s award for the BladeCenterTM converged system, which catalyzed a new product category and has become a multi-billion dollar industry segment. Tom was elected to the IBM Academy of Technology by his peers, managed the IBM/Intel Alliance, and provided technical advice on corporate legal contracts and agreements, including serving as a key technical advisor on the legal agreements for the sale of the IBM PC business to Lenovo, and IBM IP agreements with major corporations. During his tenure, the IBM x86 business grew from several $100M to multi-billion.
Prior to joining HP, Tom worked for National Instruments (NI) as an R&D Fellow and officer, where he conceived and led NI’s corporate big data strategy, Big Analog DataTM Solutions. He led teams developing end-to-end solutions for the IoT and Industrial Internet, comprising embedded data analysis systems and IT infrastructures. Tom conceived and led the NI corporate strategy for RASM (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability, and Manageability) for NI’s test and embedded computer systems products.
Tom is active in marketing and external messaging, including incepting and driving technical marketing events, and conceived the trademarks HPE EdgelineTM Systems, IBM xArchitectureTM Systems, IBM MXTTM Memory, and National Instruments Big Analog DataTM Solutions. Tom is also active in supporting and mentoring early tenure employees and served as the executive sponsor for the Women Inventors Network.
With many customer collaboration successes, Tom incepted and led joint projects pioneering Linux on x86, blade servers, converged systems, VDI, open source virtualization, and cloud computing. He frequently consults with corporate marketing and sales, and develops and delivers sales content and training. Tom has extensive experience working with global product development teams across the US, and in Asia and Europe, and has served as the technical executive sponsor for the Finance Industry. He co-founded seven technical industry standards, and served as a director, co-founder, or executive sponsor for several industry trade associations, including the GreenGrid.org, Blade.org, the PCI SIG, VESA Net2Display, the RDMA Consortium, DMTF/SMASH, IPMI, the InfiniBand Trade Association, the 1394, PICMG, HyperTransport Consortium, the Ethernet Alliance, Open Virtualization Format, ATCA, OASIS, STAC Benchmark Council, and the Industrial Internet Consortium.
Regularly sought after by the media, Tom has been interviewed by MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, US Today, EE times, Network World, GigaOm, CRN, Forbes, and many others. He blogs and authors articles on the business of technology, sustainability, people management, and technology trends and directions. Tom has received the Telly Award for his video on IT infrastructure, the Intel Award for the Most Read Article in Intel’s Embedded Innovator magazine, and the IEEE TestCon Best Paper Award for test system manageability.
Tom has delivered/appeared in many keynotes for customer, investor and analyst events, IT trade associations, and the major industry conferences of Citrix, Intel, IBM, VMware, AppliedMicro, Qlogic, Schneider Electric, Bosch, National Instruments, HP, Linley Group, Bank of America, Government of India Ministry of Comms and IT, DataStax, Open Server Summit, Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD), Aspen Ideas Festival, the Industrial Internet Consortium, and Gartner Group.
Tom holds several U.S. patents in PC, server, and converged systems design, the BSEE, MSEE, and PhD degrees, serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the College of Engineering, University of Florida. He guest lectures on Leadership and Innovation, and served on the adjunct faculty at several universities, teaching courses in the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineer and Management of Information Systems.

Asaf Wachtel
Sr Dir Bus Dev
Mellanox Technologies

Scott Jeschonek
Dir Prod Mgmt
Avere Systems

Scott Jeschonek is Director of Product Management at Avere Systems. With 20 years of enterprise, telecommunications and vendor experience, Scott can provide a unique perspective on the cloud phenomenon. Scott has participated in a number of public speaking engagements, along with years of delivering technical training.

Phil Albinus
Editor, Traders Magazine

Matthew Thomson
Azure Big Compute Prod Mgr

Andrew Nelson
VCDX, Nutanix

Andrew Nelson (@vmnelson) is the 13th VCDX to join Nutanix. Andrew previously was a Staff Systems Engineer II at the Office of the CTO at VMware. During his years at VMware, Andrew developed a reputation as being one of the foremost experts at virtualizing challenging workloads such as high-performance computing (HPC).

Parviz Peiravi
CTO Financial Services Industry Solutions, Intel

Parviz Peiravi is a CTO Financial Services Industry Solutions with Intel Corporation responsible for Financial Services Industry solution architecture development. He is primarily responsible for designing and driving development of Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud and IoT computing architectures in support of Intel’s focus areas within financial Services Industry. Parviz has been working with number of financial institution worldwide in designing innovative solutions, drive the digital transformation, using the most relevant advanced technologies and performance engineering principles such as multi-channel systems for retail banking, fraud detection and security surveillance, marketing campaign management, algorithmic trading.

In addition he has been working on high performance computing infrastructure and data grid for actuarial calculation and credit risk exposure using for HPC Clusters. Legacy system migration to private, hybrid and public cloud. He has numerous certifications in Enterprise Architecture Framework, SOA, ITIL, XML\Web Services, VMware, Openstack, Hadoop and Database design. His current focus is researching the application of Blockchain technologies, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things across financial services industry domains. He is member of Silicon Valley CTO Professionals, Linux Foundation, Cloud Computing Group, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), DMTF, OGF, and IEEE. Parviz has been with Intel 19 + years and holds a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering and a recipient of Intel Achievement Award (IAA) and Intel Quality Award (IQA).

Publication: he has numerous publications including "The Business Value of Virtual Service Oriented Grids" by Enrique Castro-leon, Jackson He, Mark Chang and Parviz Peiravi, Intel Press (2008), ISBN 978-1934053102. He is also editor in chief of "Journey to Cloud" eMagazine published by Intel Corporation.

David Murray
Chief Business Development Officer, Corvil

More speakers and topics to come.