September 13, 2018 | Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
Next to Grand Central Station on East 45th St and Madison Avenue, Midtown, New York

2017 Speakers

Lacee McGee
Sr Product Mgr
FSI Vertical Solutions
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lacee McGee is the Sr. Product Manager for FSI Vertical Solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. She is responsible for driving HPC and big data industry solutions, answering customer’s key challenges. While at HPE, she has driven both HW platforms and SW ecosystem solutions from idealization to product launch. Her experience has landed her roles working in scalable solution technologies such as object storage, database analytics, and parallel file systems.

Lacee holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing and a MBA with a focus in finance. Prior to joining HPE, Lacee has held several marketing and sales roles in both major American banks as well as International Investment Companies.

To learn more about Lacee’s views on big data, HPC, and cutting edge technology follow her on twitter at @lacee_mcgee.

Justin Hodgson
Sr Account Mgr
Financial Svcs

Asaf Wachtel
VP Business Development

Andrew Bach
Sr Technical Advisor
Pico Trading

Brad Spiers
Sr Technical Advisor
Micron Technology Inc.

Sean Hafeez
Apstra Inc.

A 20-year veteran of the tech industry, Sean held early key technical leadership roles in a number of successful start-ups and was heavily involved in product development, design and testing. He was an early Consulting Systems Engineer at Arista Networks, the company’s SCINET representative, and an integral contributor to the competitive positioning of products including the Arista 10G switch test which helped to drive Arista’s success on Wall Street. Sean also contributed to the establishment and success of Arista’s Asia Pacific team working as the first SE in APAC. At Big Switch Networks, where he was a Director of Sales for APAC, he was involved in the product design of Big Cloud Fabric. Sean is a bit wrangler at Apstra, Product Manger for the 1st release of AOS, and now leads APAC sales disrupting data center infrastructure.

Moiz Kohari
Global Chief Technology Architect
State Street Corporation

Dino Vitale
TD Securities

Dino Vitale is an HPC professional with expertise in building shared services environments for multiple application architecture models (Grid computing, private Cloud - PAAS, SOA, high speed messaging, Hadoop/data warehouse) and operational support models (capacity management, utilization reporting, automation tooling, on demand/usage charge-back models). He has a heavy emphasis on large scale infrastructure design, performance tuning, managing technical specialists/engineers, evaluating ROI, integration of acceleration technologies, and financial product knowledge of equity/fixed income derivatives (pricing, hedge/risk modeling). He has had numerous executive technical leadership positions at major Wall Street firms, including global head of grid computing responsible for all aspects of their HPC grid / cloud.

Harvey Stein
Head of Quantitative Risk Analytics

Harvey Stein is Head of Regulation and Credit Modeling at Bloomberg, responsible for Basel compliant regulatory risk models, default modeling, and specific risk and incremental risk charge calculations. Dr. Stein graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1982 with a Bachelor's degree in mathematics. After working at Bolt, Beranek and Newman for three years on developing and designing the precursor to the Internet, Dr. Stein went to graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied arithmetical geometry while working at Wells Fargo Investment Advisors. He received his PhD in mathematics from Berkeley in 1991.

For the last twenty-one years, Dr. Stein has worked at Bloomberg LP. He built one of the top quantitative finance research and development groups in the industry. His group supplied derivative valuation models for interest rate derivatives, mortgage backed securities, foreign exchange, credit, equities, and commodities, and built Linux clusters to supply these valuations to Bloomberg's customers.

Dr. Stein is well known in the industry, having published and lectured on mortgage backed security valuation, CVA calculations, interest rate modeling, credit exposure calculations, and other subjects. Dr. Stein built Bloomberg's business in the area of counterparty credit risk modeling and is currently focusing on default modeling and Basel risk models. He is also a member of the advisory board of the IAQF, an adjunct professor at Columbia University, and a board member of the Rutgers University Mathematical Finance program and of the NYU Enterprise Learning program.

Rob Peglar
Symbolic IO

Jason Warman
Director of Engineering, Financial Services
Aspera, an IBM company

Jason Warman leads the architecture and deployment of Aspera installations, supporting complex use cases of high-speed file transport technologies across multiple industries, including banking and financial services.

With over 15 years’ experience in information technology and services, Jason brings wide experience in enterprise and cloud computing. He has held technical management positions at several organizations spanning education, healthcare and computer electronics. Prior to joining Aspera, Jason worked in both internal and external roles at organizations such as Harvard University, Sanofi (Aventis) Pharma, and Dell.

Piyush Chaudhary
Sr Technical Staff Member

Narendra Narang
Principal Specialist Solutions Architect
Red Hat

Narendra N. Narang, Principal Solutions Architect for Red Hat, has more than 19 years experience working in various information technology roles at New York financial institutions. He has deep knowledge of enterprise systems and storage infrastructure, cloud architectures, emerging technologies, and data analytics platforms. He is currently involved in developing and deploying architectures and cutting edge solutions for the Telecom industry, specifically in the areas of content delivery networks and data analytics.

Matt Cushman
Engineers Gate Market Technologies

• Knight/KCG 2002-2011. Managing Director and head of quantitative research
• Citadel 2011-2013. Senior Managing Director
• PhD in Mathematics from The University of Chicago
• MS and BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University
• Series 4, 7, 24, 57, 63

Robert Winter
Director, Storage System Architecture & Engineering

Robert has held software and network protocol design and development roles ranging from Engineer to CEO. He is the author of 50+ US Patents in the areas of networking, storage, security and compute. Most recently he was in the Dell CTO group, responsible for innovation across the client, storage, network and server organizations. He is currently responsible for the architecture and engineering delivery of Micron’s storage system solutions.

Karthik Lalithraj
Principal Solutions Architect

Karthik is a Principal Solutions Architect at Kinetica. With over 18 years of software experience in a variety of roles and responsibilities, Karthik takes a holistic view at software architecture with special emphasis on helping enterprise IT organizations improve their service availability, application performance and scale. Karthik has successfully helped recruit, build enterprise teams; architect, design and implement business and technical solutions with numerous customers in various business verticals. Prior to Kinetica, Karthik led the presales Big Data organization at Terracotta/SoftwareAG. Karthik has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from The National Institute of Engineering in India.

Rima Alameddine
VP East Region

Jeffrey M Birnbaum
Founder & CEO
60East Technologies

Jeffrey M. Birnbaum is CEO and co-founder of 60East Technologies, LLC, the company that is developing ‘AMPS' (Advanced Message Processing System). AMPS is a modern, high performance messaging platform designed for the most demanding environments where latency, throughput and scale are critical. The platform offers topic and content based pub/sub with integrated SQL-92 database and real-time aggregation capabilities.

Previously, Mr. Birnbaum spent 20 years in the Financial Services industry, first at Morgan Stanley and then Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. At Morgan Stanley, where Mr. Birnbaum was employed from 1991 to 2006, he was Managing Director, Chief Technical Architect and Global Head of Enterprise Computing (2000 to 2006). At Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, where Mr. Birnbaum was employed from 2007 to 2012, Mr. Birnbaum was Managing Director, Chief Architect and Global Head of Architecture and Engineering (2007 to 2010). In this capacity he was responsible for the engineering and development of all core infrastructure encompassing Desktop, Server, Network, Storage, Market Data, and Database technologies. Throughout his career, Mr. Birnbaum has dedicated his talents to applying modern and emerging technical solutions to some of the most demanding computational and latency-sensitive areas of the business, particularly in the Electronic Trading arena.

Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Mr. Birnbaum worked as a systems engineer in the Aerospace Industry and the CIA. He holds a BS in Electrical Computer Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara.

Chuck Newman
Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Chuck Newman is a software engineer with 38 years of tenure at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. With many years supporting ISVs in the CAE domain as a foundation for FSI, Chuck has focused on customer support and platform development, particularly in the area of computational jitter and latency, network latency, and option pricing code modernization.

Chuck holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from RPI, and aspires to become Employee of the Month at his home office, unseating his daughter's cat Butterscotch.

Russ Fromkin
Americas HPC and HPDA Sales Director
Intel Corporation

Russ Fromkin is the Americas HPC and HPDA Sales Director for the Intel Corporation. Russ and his team are responsible for helping technical computing and data analytics customers implement cutting edge technologies developed by Intel Corporation. Russ joined Intel Corporation in 1999 as part of an acquisition of Dialogic Corporation. Previous to his current role, Russ helped lead Information Assurance, HPC and Cloud Computing activities for the Intel Federal team. Prior to the acquisition, Russ developed and managed the ISV program for Dialogic. Russ holds a BA from The Johns Hopkins University.

Rob Davis
VP Storage Technology

Charles Milo
Enterprise Technical Specialist
Intel Americas

Charles Milo is an Enterprise Technical Specialist with Intel Americas. He has been at Intel 20 years and is a member of Intel Americas Senior Staff. Charles covers many of the large financial customers in the NYC area. Charles has been responsible for technical presentations & trainings, benchmarking, performance tuning and competitive analysis and software products and solutions that support Intel architectures. Charles has been deeply involved in understanding customer issues and provides feedback to Intel architects on the next generation Intel processors. Due to his outstanding knowledge of Intel systems, he has received three of the most prestigious awards from Intel, Intel’s Customer Excellence Award, Intel’s Achievement Award and Intel’s Hall of Fame Award.

More speakers and topics to come.