June 6-7, 2017 | LAX Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

2017 California Accounting & Business Show & Conference

The 33rd annual largest meeting of CPAs in California each year.

Exhibitor Overview

2015 California Accounting & Business Show & Conference
The 31st annual largest meeting of CPAs in California each year.

The 33rd annual California Show for CPAs.

Plan to exhibit: The largest meeting of CPAs and accounting and business executives in California in 2015.

Meet and sell 1,700 CPAs computer-savvy CPAs.

Plan to exhibit at this largest meeting of CPAs in California in 2015. This California CPA Education Foundation-sponsored event will assemble over 1,700 CPAs and accounting and business executives from all over the State of California as well as Western States.

Location-Location-Location. The LAX Hilton Hotel is within commuting radius of the entire Los Angeles marketplace with over 10,000 CPAs in Southern California.

California CPAs are computer-savvy and are ready to try new systems and financial services to build their practice and their clients’ business. If you have digital technology, accounting, tax, finance, brokerage, insurance and business products, this is your show.

This is a commuter show for California CPAs who are constantly on the road. The LAX Hilton is next to convenient and moderate-priced parking.

This is an exhibitor-friendly show where exhibitors can do their own work.

Free hotdogs. Free light lunch and soft drinks are served 11-2 each day in the Plaza Exhibit Hall for greater attendee value-added at the Show.

Products Included in This Marketplace

  • Computer systems and products

  • Computer software systems

  • 1040 Tax software

  • Payroll services

  • Client write-up systems

  • Accounting and auditing

  • General ledger systems

  • Enterprise/middle market systems

  • Time & billing systems

  • Integrated accounting systems

  • Vertical industry accounting systems

  • Human resources

  • Wealth management and financial planning

  • Web services and ASP services

  • Accounting reference systems

  • CD-ROM reference systems

  • Local area network systems

  • Computer printers and peripherals

  • Computer software utilities

  • Accounting supplies and services

  • CPE education

  • Publications and industry newsletters

  • Internet systems

  • Microsoft solutions

  • Electronic filing systems

  • Wireless systems

  • Web access/Web design

  • CPA peer review

  • CPA business acquisitions

  • CPA consulting services

  • Banking services

  • Business services

  • Investment services

  • Real estate services

  • Insurance services

  • Credit/loan services

  • Office leasing services

  • Office furniture and fixtures

  • Benefit programs

  • Healthcare services

  • Telephone systems

  • FAX systems

  • Cellular phone systems

  • Employment services

  • Temporary agencies

  • Search/outplacement

  • Legal services

  • Marketing services

  • Printing services

  • Coffee/food services

  • Mail/courier services

  • Transportation services

  • Advertising services

  • Corporate gift distributors