June 6-7, 2017 | LAX Hilton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

2017 California Accounting & Business Show & Conference

The 33rd annual largest meeting of CPAs in California each year.

2015 Photo Review

Opening General Sessions

2015 California Accounting Show Welcome from Russell Flagg

Rick Richardson Keynote Opening Session for 500 CPAs

The 33rd annual California Accounting Show is the largest meeting of CPAs in California in 2015

CPA attendees travelled from all over California to attend this 2-day show and conference

Managing partners from CPA firms were in attendance

Small, medium, and large CPA firms were represented in the audience

Rick Richardson's Keynote focused on technology and what CPAs need to know to keep up with changing times

Rick Richardson every year offers predictions on what technology will impact on CPAs in their profession

Note-taking on laptops is now common in all our conference programs

Jim McGinnis of Intuit was the 2nd Keynote speaker on Monday, June 1

Jim's program, "The Firmof the Future," explained how CPA technology is changing the CPA practice

Jim McGinnis invited a CPA on the program to share actual CPA experiences in setting up a modern CPA practice

Question and answers were an important part of this CPE session, sponsored by Intuit

Inspector Gadget -- David Cieslak provided an informative review of new technology products -- what to buy and what not to

Andy Smith of Thomson Reuters covered what CPAs need to know about the technology savvy clients

Drake Software

Bloomberg BNA

Cal CPA Society

Office Tools

Thomson Reuters

Intuit Quick Books

Intuit Quick Books




Sure Payroll

Skyline Home Loans

American Express

CPAs had a great networking opportunity at the show

Intuit Quick Books


Wolters Kluwer

Thomson Reuters

Office Tools

The show provided hands-on demonstrations and knowledgable staffs to assist show attendees about new features and trends

Thomson Reuters

Person-to-person meeting and hands-on experience were in evidence in the exhibits all day

Cal CPA Society booth was active throughout the day


AICPA Member Insurance

Cloud 9


Intuit Quick Books

Virtual Cabinet





RVW Investing, LLC


Beckham Concepts

TPS Softwazre

Mitchell & Mitchell

Benefit Mall


Fiscal Checkup

IRA Services Trust Company

Infinetely Virtual

CPAS get together at the show

1040 Bridge

1040 Bridge

Cal CPA Society

Cal CPA Society

Sleeter Group

California State Controller's Office

Infinitely Virtual

Tax Help Software

Bank of America

Lunch Break with Free Hot Dogs and Soda

Attendees could have a free lunch and stay in the exhibit hall

CPAs had convenient lunch in the exhibit hall-- and Free Hot Dogs, Soda, Chips

A congenial lunch with CPA friends and colleagues

A welcomed lunch break in a busy day of CPE and show

A hot dog lunch break -- and it was free

CPAs came from as far away as Hawaii and Washington state

The CPE Program was packed with overflow crowds at each session

The CPE Opening Keynote was followed by the CPA audience going to the show beginning at 10am

The CPA audience came from all over California and the West

A wide-range of CPA practices were represented at the show

The CPE Sessions were well-attended with many CPA registering at the last minute

Biz Bench on the Walking Tour

Office Tools on the Walking Tour

Intuit Quick Books on the Walking Tour

Sasge on the Walking Tour